Monday, May 24, 2010

Market in Minneapolis

My mom and I had so much fun in Minneapolis. We were able to sell lots of patterns and increase our distribution. Plus we will be getting some great exposure in a few magazines.

Move over Moda, here comes Riley Blake. We loved being by these guys at market. Seriously, they brought thousands of the best mint truffles you have ever tasted. I think my mom and I ate over half of them ourselves.
We love designing patterns with their fabric. Keep an eye out for some rocking new Nellie's Needle patterns. I don't want to name names, But, more than one magazine has asked us for new patterns using Riley Blake fabrics.

Emily Taylor is a fabric designer for Riley Blake. "Felicity", which she is standing in front of, is in stores now. She has a new line, "Domestic Diva", coming out in June. The strike-offs are looking good. I happen to know her Diva line is inspired by a creepy, old, haunted house in Midway, Utah. A true Diva needs a good pair of boots and some rubber gloves.

We had several items
on display in the Riley Blake booth. "Summer" with the big flower and the "Whoville Apron" and "Witch's Brew" from the halloween fabric.

It doesn't get much better than Riley Blake!

This is my husband's first cousin Marcie, whom I've never meet her before in my whole life. She recognized my name in our flyer, came and found me, and introduced herself. I got to meet a few other relatives, it was so fun to get to know them. Marcie is also designing quilt patterns, if your ever in Virginia Beach you should look her up.

About 2 weeks before market, my husband and I decided what I really needed was an intern. If Kramer from Seinfeld could have one than so could I. After all, Nellie's Needle is a real company, much more important than "Kramerica, Inc." Then I got to market and Amanda Herring from Quilted Fish had 3 stinking interns with her! Hello! No wonder I just want to be like Amanda.

This is our friend Laurie Bird (of Rose Cottage) and her cute daughter. Laurie has a new line of fabric coming out with Henry Glass. She is anxiously awaiting her strike-offs. We got to see the art and it's our favorite line so far.

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