Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cute and Easy Burp Cloths

We are going to my niece's baby shower tonight so I made her some burp cloths. It was super easy and I think they are so cute. Plus, there is so much cute fabric and you can't possibly make quilts out of all of it. Here is how I did it.

Two fat quarters makes 2 burp cloths. Iron 2 fat quarters together, right sides together. Then fold them in half to make a 9" X 22" rectangle.

Square up all four sides of the rectangle. Keep the burp cloths stacked on top of each other and use a small mixing bowl to round all four corners.

Sew 1/4" seam around the edge of each burp cloth. Leave an opening about 3" in one side so you can turn it right side out.

Before you turn it right side out, iron one side of the seam allowance up. (Like on the left side of the photo below.) Then turn it right side out.

Iron the cloth good and flat. I just ironed the opening under too.

Top-stitch around the edge. Sometimes I use a decorative stitch, but sometimes I don't have the patience. I think it looks cute to sew two rows of top-stitching, one right along the edge and one in about 1/4". (You don't need to worry about the little opening, when you top stitch everything gets taken care of.)

My nine year old daughter helped me make them. She did the ironing while I did the sewing. When we were all done she lamented that they are so cute right now and soon they will be all covered in throw-up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fenway at Spring Mobile Ballpark

We went to see the Salt Lake Bee's, our local AAA ball team, on a rather blustery night in June, my daughter Ali brought "Fenway" to keep her warm. There is actually still some controversy over whether this quilt belongs to my daughter Ali or my nephew Brandon. If Ali keeps it I have to make a football quilt for Brandon. I may have a new pattern coming soon!

Favorite Apron Shop Sample

Check out this "Favorite Apron". It was made as a shop sample by Two Thimbles Quilt Shop in Bellingham, Washington. They used the "Full Bloom" line of fabric from Windham. They have it posted on their web site twothimbles.com

Monday, May 24, 2010

Market in Minneapolis

My mom and I had so much fun in Minneapolis. We were able to sell lots of patterns and increase our distribution. Plus we will be getting some great exposure in a few magazines.

Move over Moda, here comes Riley Blake. We loved being by these guys at market. Seriously, they brought thousands of the best mint truffles you have ever tasted. I think my mom and I ate over half of them ourselves.
We love designing patterns with their fabric. Keep an eye out for some rocking new Nellie's Needle patterns. I don't want to name names, But, more than one magazine has asked us for new patterns using Riley Blake fabrics.

Emily Taylor is a fabric designer for Riley Blake. "Felicity", which she is standing in front of, is in stores now. She has a new line, "Domestic Diva", coming out in June. The strike-offs are looking good. I happen to know her Diva line is inspired by a creepy, old, haunted house in Midway, Utah. A true Diva needs a good pair of boots and some rubber gloves.

We had several items
on display in the Riley Blake booth. "Summer" with the big flower and the "Whoville Apron" and "Witch's Brew" from the halloween fabric.

It doesn't get much better than Riley Blake!

This is my husband's first cousin Marcie, whom I've never meet her before in my whole life. She recognized my name in our flyer, came and found me, and introduced herself. I got to meet a few other relatives, it was so fun to get to know them. Marcie is also designing quilt patterns, if your ever in Virginia Beach you should look her up.

About 2 weeks before market, my husband and I decided what I really needed was an intern. If Kramer from Seinfeld could have one than so could I. After all, Nellie's Needle is a real company, much more important than "Kramerica, Inc." Then I got to market and Amanda Herring from Quilted Fish had 3 stinking interns with her! Hello! No wonder I just want to be like Amanda.

This is our friend Laurie Bird (of Rose Cottage) and her cute daughter. Laurie has a new line of fabric coming out with Henry Glass. She is anxiously awaiting her strike-offs. We got to see the art and it's our favorite line so far.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Patterns by Monica Patch


This quilt is 68 x 68. It is only 16 blocks so it comes together quickly in an afternoon.

House of Scraps

This quilt is 80 x 80. It is made from 1 1/2 inch strips. It can be made from left over scraps, honey buns, or new yardage.


This quilt is 50 x 50. This piece was inspired by my nephew. Thank you for your help!

Witch's Brew

This quilt is 68 x 68. This fabric is new from Riley Black. It is called Boo! to you. This quilt comes together like a chinese lantern, but then the blocks are squared with a giant ruler.

Under The Sea

This table runner is great for teaching. It includes a scallop binding, inside corners, yo-yo's, and applique. It can be made from any fabric. What a fun project!

Natalie's Apron

The straps on the apron criss-cross in the back, so there is no irritation on your neck. It ties around the front. It has a set in ruffle, cute detail pockets, and a feminine rounded bib.

Lauren's Apron

This apron has big pockets and long ties that come around to the front. It has a wide adjustable waistband to fit the coverage you need.

New Patterns by Karen Bennett


This quilt is 48 x 60. It is made from a cute new Riley Blake line called Summer Song. It would be a fun class to teach because it has applique and a scalloped border. You could teach any technique you would like.

Bunch of Blooms

This quilt is 58 x 67. It is made from Lecien's Flour Sugar line. It has yo-yo's in the center of each flower and the ric rack separates the center from the border.

Cabin Corners

The quilt is 60 x 60. It is made from 1/4 of a log cabin block. You can turn the blocks anyway that you would like. This is the pattern I choose.

Citrus Slices

This quilt is 53 x 53. It is made using Elisa's Back porch, drunkards path 4inch template. This sample is made from all Batiks. I sewed in all the circles, but you could use applique also.

Dino Daddy

This quilt is a 40 x 40 child's quilt. It is made with Janet Platt's prairie point ruler.

Baskets and Braids

This quilt is 58 x 58. It was made with Clothwork's European Taupe. There are four European Taupe lines. This quilt uses all four. This is Karen's favorite quilt.

Swizzle Sticks

This quilt is 40 x 48. It is an easy, basic beginner quilt.

Star Brite

This quilt is 40 x 40. The block is courthouse steps. It is made from reproductions fabrics.

Desert Flowers

This quilt is 98 x 98. It was made for Windham's booth and Spring 2010 Quilt Market, from their Sophia Reproduction line. The center flower is applique. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Stars In My Eyes

This quilt is 116 x 116. It was made for my daughter's wedding this winter. It has no Y seams.

Sweet Pea

This quilt is 70 x 70. The flower is applique. It is so fast to make. Machine quilters can really make this quilt stand out!

All Time Best Sellers

4 Patch Fun

This quilt can be made in multiple sizes. It is made with 5 inch charm squares from United Notions. It is a great beginner pattern.

Little Maggie Lu

This is a 48 x 48 child's quilt. It was made for my Granddaughter Maggie. The original was made in pink.

Boho Bag

This bag is my all time best selling pattern! It is made from 5 inch charm packs. It has a raw outside edge. The pattern comes in two sizes, the one that is shown and one size bigger. It takes four large buttons. This is also a good beginner pattern.

Flying Kites

This is a twin size quilt. It would also be very cute made from 30's or red, white and blue.

Grizzly Bear

This quilt is throw size. What can you say about bear paw, it is a classic!

The Log Cabin Quilt

This quilt is a generous twin. Every quilt shop needs a log cabin class. This is a great one!

Favorite's Apron

This apron is an all time best seller. The straps criss-cross in the back. It can be made in ANY fabric!

Under the Sea

This table runner is great for teaching. It includes a scallop binding, inside corners, yo-yo's, and applique. It can be made from any fabric. What a fun project!

Crazy Daisy

This quilt is around 70 x 70. It is whimsical. It is 100% raw edge applique including the binding. This is a good beginner quilt. The pattern includes a cute over the shoulder bag.