Thursday, October 22, 2009

Houston Quilt Market, October 2009

This is Grandma Nellie. Smiling happily and completely unaware that Emma is scared to death of her.

Our booth at the Houston Quilt Market. We are the one's with the checkered floor.

This is Monica in the booth. Notice the dark curtains in the background. We got our entire booth set up and realized the background was hideous. Then we went to Target. While everyone else was at sample spree we sat in the red carpeted isles an had stitched our drapes. A really nice man, who was a real Navy seal, 2 booths down helped us while his wife shopped.

This is the snake lady, possibly the funniest person we met all week.

Her is Karen with her quilt "Chasing Windmills". She made it for Windham fabrics to go in their booth. Now it is going to "Quilts" magazine, then to England, then home.

Riley Blake makes some of our favorite fabrics.

Scott Jarrard's Boogie Monsters rule.

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